BSDA Publications

BSDA produces a wide range of publications for varying audiences. All publications are free to BSDA members. (Please note that you will need to register as a member user if you have not already.)

Non-members may obtain some publications free of charge but are asked to pay for others. 

Annual soft drinks reports

2017 UK Soft Drinks Report (Nov 2017)
2016 UK Soft Drinks Report (July 2016) 
2015 UK Soft Drinks Report (May 2015)
2014 UK Soft Drinks Report (May 2014)
2013 UK Soft Drinks Report (May 2013)
2012 UK Soft Drinks Report (May 2012)

General information about the soft drinks industry

The Economic Impact of the Soft Drinks Levy (Oxford Economics, August, 2016)
2015 BSDA Economic Report  (Oct 2015)
2015 BSDA Responsibility Report  (Oct 2015)
2014 Soft Drinks Sustainability Roadmap Report (Oct 2014)
Soft Drinks Their Origins and History (1991)

Further publications can be found in the links below

Information for staff in the soft drinks industry
Information for Trading Standards Officers
Technical documents

Unless otherwise stated, the publications listed are available free to download. Printed copies and copies charged for can be ordered using the order form