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British Soft Drinks Industry Lunch 2018

12 Noon
Thursday 11 October 2018

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2018 UK Bottled Water Conference

Plastic pollution and the government crackdown on improving Britain’s plastic recycling is a key topic right now and an important factor for all business strategies. This year’s UK Bottled Water Conference in London on 15 March includes a breakfast briefing by compliance experts Ecosurety, with support from the UK environment charity Hubbub. The briefing will review the latest recycling initiatives, including reverse vending and deposit legislation, as well as offering case studies illustrating the importance of producer responsibility in building consumer awareness on recycling. It will be a be a highly productive session with involvement from leading UK retailers.

Under the theme Thirst: New priorities for bottled water, the rest of the conference will look beyond today at accelerating the prospects of a brighter tomorrow. Delegates will hear from established companies as well as innovators on: market, consumer and retail trends; how aqua plus drinks are evolving; the latest in innovation; and key social and environmental challenges facing the industry.

The conference also offers any brand company the opportunity to showcase their bottled water drinks FREE of charge at the newly introduced ‘Chiller Corner’ which provides allocated shelf space in display fridges for all attendees to access and sample. Companies will gain valuable and constructive feedback first hand from industry experts and peers.

Highlights include:
  • Contributions from leading UK retailers Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s
  • Market overview from Kantar and Zenith
  • Future market perspectives involving Niagara Bottling from the US, Red Star Brands and other leading producers
  • CSR challenges and opportunities with Coca-Cola European Partners, RECOUP, Association of Convenience Stores, British Retail Consortium and the Co-op
  • News brand ideas with contributions from Nichols and Ugly Drinks
  • Entrepreneur shoot out including Vievé, Dash Water and Just Water
  • The audience will be drawn from senior industry managers, suppliers, retailers, advisers and the trade press
Reasons to attend:
  • Gain insight into the dramatic shifts taking place in the market
  • Take a look at how water is evolving beyond traditional perceptions
  • Network with established brand companies alongside emerging innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Be at the heart of discussions into what further potential there is for growth

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