Manufacturing Soft Drinks Today

Overall I found the training extremely beneficial, I learnt more about filling and carbonating which was very useful, as well as learning about other areas of the production that I wasn’t quite as familiar with. It gave me a sight into every aspect of manufacturing from the very beginning of raw treatment and prep through to the finished product and storage possibilities.  The planning was extremely good and the way that each lecture was set out and delivered impressed me because it helped to keep me engaged and focused, i.e the group activities and taste, smell tests etc. Even though not all the talks were directly linked to my day to day job they helped me understand and grasp the concept of what actually goes on before the production line and also after the production line, touching on each subject enough to get a feel for it but not too in-depth. This way no matter what area you worked in you would get a real understanding for it.

November 2014 MSDT delegate

Providing an in-depth introduction to the technical and scientific aspects of soft drinks manufacture, this two day course includes topics such as; soft drinks microbiology, water quality and treatment, ingredients, additives and flavourings, processing and filling, primary and secondary packaging.

Delegates will be involved in group work and presentations to facilitate their learning experience. Lecturers are drawn from those working within the industry and consultants to it, all of whom have a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Course syllabus 

This is a very popular course and early booking is always advised.  

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