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Press releases

14 June 2019

BSDA reacts to schools' fruit juice ban

British Soft Drinks Association director general Gavin Partington responds to fruit juice and smoothies being banned in primary and secondary schools in Scotland: “Scottish children (those aged between 11 and 18) are consuming on aver...

14 June 2019

BSDA co-hosted event toasts Wales' best food and drink

Leading politicians in Wales toasted the success of the principality’s food and drink sector at a special event co-hosted by the British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA) and the Food and Drink Federation (FDF). The ‘Celebrating We...

28 May 2019

BSDA responds to NHS Scotland energy drinks ban

The NHS has banned the sale of energy drinks to children in Scottish hospitals. Shops within hospitals will not be permitted to sell the drinks to anyone under the age of 16. The ban applies to drinks with an added caffeine content of more...

20 May 2019

New fruit juice research is misleading

A new study suggests higher consumption of sugary beverages, including fruit juice, is associated with increased mortality. Gavin Partington, director-general of the British Soft Drinks Association, said: “This study is inconclus...

08 May 2019

BSDA responds to unveiling of Scottish DRS proposals

British Soft Drinks Association director-general Gavin Partington responds to the Scottish Government outlining its proposals for a deposit return scheme (DRS): “We welcome the Scottish Government’s acknowledgement of the r...

03 April 2019

BSDA-backed litter campaign triumphs

Following a British Soft Drinks Association-backed campaign, the Scottish Government has vowed to clamp down on roadside litter.  New legislation will see vehicle owners being held accountable for littering, with number plate reco...

18 March 2019

Harvard study fails to acknowledge key facts

A new study conducted in the US claims to have found that the more sugar-sweetened beverages people consumed, the greater their risk of premature death—particularly death from cardiovascular disease, and to a lesser extent from&n...

11 March 2019

Common sense prevails over tonic water in Europe

British drinkers will be relieved to know that a key element of the nation’s favourite tipple has emerged unscathed from a lengthy period of negotiation with the European Union (EU). While most of us simply know Tonic Water as the ess...

07 March 2019

Recycling reminder amid plastic-free Lent pledges by MPs

Conservative MPs have joined together to give up single-use plastic for Lent, and have encouraged others to do the same. People across the UK are also making the pledge on Twitter, too, using the hashtag #giveupplasticforlent and promi...

18 February 2019

BSDA backs GB-wide full deposit return scheme

Building on commitments made in the Government’s Resources and Waste Strategy published in December, Environment Secretary Michael Gove has opened consultations on a range of plans, including bringing in a deposit return scheme (...