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About us

The British Soft Drinks Association represents UK producers of soft drinks, including carbonated drinks, still and dilutable drinks, fruit juices and bottled waters. Membership at present includes around 90% of the manufacturers of Britain's soft drinks.

Our principle activity is to represent the interests of the soft drinks industry both at UK and European level, ensuring that the industry's perspective is always considered and the impact of regulations is fully understood.

The lobbying activities of BSDA include the development and maintenance of links with MPs in Westminster as well as the governments in Scotland and Wales. We also work closely with our sister organisations in Europe, AIJN (European Fruit Juice Association), UNESDA (European Beverage Association) and EFBW (European Federation of Bottled Waters) to ensure that the UK soft drinks industry's views are heard in Brussels and Strasbourg.

As the collective voice of the UK soft drinks industry BSDA provides a common industry view on the legal, technical and social issues concerning soft drinks to the media


BSDA was formed in 1987, as a result of the amalgamation of the National Association of Soft Drinks Manufacturers (NASDM), the British Soft Drinks Council (BSDC), the Scottish Soft Drinks Association (SSDA) and the Soft Drinks and Fruit Juice Association (SDFJA).