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Scottish DRS

The Scottish Government is pursuing a challenging timeline to introduce a deposit return scheme (DRS) by 2021, with the intention being to make sure it is in place before the next Holyrood elections in mid-2021. But a DRS is unlikely to be in operation in England before 2023.

The soft drinks industry is keen to work with Scottish Government to implement and operate an effective industry-led, not-for-profit scheme that helps Scottish Government achieve its goals.

But we still have concerns about the scale, scope and timing of the Scottish DRS proposals. Chiefly:

  • The gap in timing between introducing a DRS in Scotland and rest of GB/UK represents challenge to operational viability of DRS
  • Some producers may be inclined to cease supply – either entirely or for specific items – to Scotland to avoid these changes, limiting consumer choice and competition.

You can find our response to the Scottish Government’s plans here.