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BSDA Industry Lunch 2020

Thursday, 8 October 2020

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Wednesday 8 Apr 2020 to Wednesday 8 Apr 2020

IFST SC20 Webinar Series: Coronavirus - Food Safety Risk?

Speaker: Sterling Crew, Chair IFST Food Safety Group Sterling is Managing Director of SQS Ltd. He is a Strategic Advisor at Dynamic Risk Indicator and the Shield Safety Group. Sterling is the Independent Scientific Advisor at Campden BRI and is also on the audit governance board at Eurofins.

Wednesday 15 Apr 2020 to Wednesday 15 Apr 2020

IFST SC20 Webinar Series: Sustainable Nutrition - A business case for sustainable diets

Feeding almost 10 billion people with healthy, nutritious, sustainably produced foods will be one of the key challenges of our time. It’s going to require radically different business models and new collaborations between business, governments and the civil society, which are already starting to emerge.

Wednesday 22 Apr 2020 to Thursday 23 Apr 2020

Manufacturing Soft Drinks Today

An introduction to the technical and scientific aspects of soft drinks manufacture.

Wednesday 22 Apr 2020 to Wednesday 22 Apr 2020

IFST SC20 Webinar Series: Reformulation: When less isn't less - making reformulation work

Ian Noble leads Mondelez’s Chocolate Technology Group, accountable for the strategic technical innovation agenda for brands including Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and Milka around the world. He is also the site leader for the Bournville Global Technical Centre in Birmingham. Ian is committed to strengthening the UK Food System’s technical agenda to enable greater productivity, growth and sustainability for this vital sector of the UK’s economy.

Wednesday 29 Apr 2020 to Wednesday 29 Apr 2020

IFST SC20 Webinar Series: Future challenges and global tools to combat food fraud

Food fraud here is to stay; given this, the current political landscape of the UK and because food is sourced globally, it is important for us to have a good understanding of the global drivers of food fraud that impact the UK, and tools available to help best protect the UK food supply from existing and future incidents.