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BSDA Industry Lunch 2020

Details to follow in the New Year.

Wednesday 27 Nov 2019 to Wednesday 27 Nov 2019

Collaborative Workshop on Allergens & Listeria

IFST Food Safety Group: Collaborative Workshop on Allergens & Listeria

Monday 2 Dec 2019 to Monday 2 Dec 2019

Diving into Due Diligence

This event will discuss the theory and realities of due diligence, what to do in the event of an issue and the potential penalties if due diligence is not followed.

Thursday 12 Dec 2019 to Thursday 12 Dec 2019

Noel, Narrative & Numbers

IFST Sensory Science Group event: Noel, Narrative & Numbers

Wednesday 22 Jan 2020 to Thursday 23 Jan 2020

Level 3 in HACCP for Food Manufacturing

Providing practical guidance on the implementation of HACCP principles as applied to the manufacture of soft drinks, fruit juices and bottled waters

Wednesday 1 Apr 2020

Bottled Water Manufacture

An introduction to the technical, legislative and scientific aspects of bottled water manufacture.