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BSDA Industry Lunch 2020

Thursday, 8 October 2020

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IFST SC20 Webinar Series: Sustainable Nutrition - A business case for sustainable diets

This webinar is part of a series on ‘The Appliance of Food Science’; the key theme for this year’s Spring Conference.

Speaker: Mark Driscoll, Founder and Director, Tasting the Future

Mark is Founder and Director of Tasting the Future, a not for profit sustainable food systems consultancy. He is a global expert in and a passionate advocate for the need for food systems change. He has over years 30 experience of working with businesses, governments and civil society organisations on solutions that address some of the key social and environmental challenges confronting our global food system. He has developed and led large sustainable food programmes with organisations including WWF and Forum for the Future, focussing on policy and practice at the intersection of health, nutrition and sustainability.  

Feeding almost 10 billion people with healthy, nutritious, sustainably produced foods will be one of the key challenges of our time. It’s going to require radically different business models and new collaborations between business, governments and the civil society, which are already starting to emerge.In this presentation Mark will highlight why sustainable nutrition and diets are important to business success (the business case), highlight what sustainable nutrition looks like in practice and how organisations can align their own strategies to improve planetary and human health. Mark will highlight a number of key trends that provide opportunities for businesses to achieve

sustainable dietary outcomes. This includes regenerative agriculture, plant-based diets, novel ingredients (including orphan crops), tackling food waste and the need to reconnect citizens with food.

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Wed 15 Apr 2020
Wed 15 April 2020

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Wed 15 Apr 2020