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Scheduled for 14 October 2021 at The Savoy in Central London

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IFST Sensory Science Group Webinar: Olfaction in the time of Covid-19

Organised by IFSTs Sensory Science Group (SSG)

This webinar will be the first in the SSG 2021 series focussing on The Human Sensory Instrument. The topic is the effects of Covid-19 on the senses presented by Dr Jane Parker from the Flavour Centre at the University of Reading. Covid-19 has changed the world beyond recognition, but how does it affect the human senses and what are the implications for sensory scientists and the wider publi 

Chair: Stephanie Mitchell, FIFST, CSci, RSensSci, MCIEH

Speaker: Dr Jane K Parker, Founder and Director of The Flavour Centre, University of Reading

Moderator: Carol Raithatha, FIFST, Committee Member of the Sensory Science Special Interest Group (SSG), Director, Carol Raithatha Limited

Carol has over 25 years of experience in the sensory and consumer research field.  As Director of Carol Raithatha Limited, she works with large and small organisations including food and drink manufacturers, research agencies, and academic institutions. Project types include training, project management, method development, and many more. Carol has experience in a range of areas spanning ingredients, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, fruit and vegetables, chocolate, meat products, and packaging among others. She is a member of the SSG events working group and is also active on the IFST Eastern region committee.

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Thu 20 May 2021
Thu 20 May 2021

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