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BSDA Industry Lunch

Scheduled for 14 October 2021 at The Savoy in Central London

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IFST Webinar: Food Fraud Prevention

Organised by IFST’s Food Safety Group

This highly topical webinar will bring listeners up to speed on the current scientific advancements that are being used to mitigate the threat of food crime. We will look at some practical examples & see some of the best examples of thought leadership around this threat. We will also share out the value of collaboration with resource networks and regulators.  

What participants will learn about: Examples of the latest science to combat food fraud that listeners could consider deploying. Examples of approaches being taken to insulate brands and secure supply chains. Hearing the regulator's perspective.

Chair: Sterling Crew, Chair of the IFST Food Safety SIG
Speaker: Chris Elliot, Institute for Global Food Security Queen's University, Belfast
Speaker: Clare Menezes, Director Global Food Integrity, Food Safety & Quality Centre of Expertise, McCormick & Company
Speaker: Hayley Ward, Prevention Officer, National Food Crime Unit, Food Standards Agency
Q&A Panellist: Steve Smith, Head of Outreach & Prevention, National Food Crime Unit

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Thu 25 Mar 2021
Thu 25 March 2021

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Thu 25 Mar 2021