Food Safety in Soft Drinks Today Training Scheme

BSDA offers a food safety training scheme specifically designed for soft drink, fruit juice and bottled water manufacturers. Using BSDA's award-winning training materials, companies can ensure that factory employees are trained on site, by members of their staff, to a nationally recognised standard.

Factory Hygiene Training Programme

Training is given through a formalised course, which takes place on site under the direction of a certified trainer (either an employee or a BSDA appointed trainer). Where required, BSDA provides the training needed for the certification of a factory trainer (see BSDA's FSSDT 'Train the Trainer' Course). The programme for the training consists of:

Induction Course (Level 1)

This course is suitable for a variety of participants including new employees with minimal or no prior food safety knowledge. It provides a basic understanding of good food safety/hygiene covering risks associated with handling food, personal hygiene, cleaning and contamination for soft drinks, fruit juices and bottled waters (up to 3 hours tuition).

Factory Hygiene Course (Level 2)

Promotes an awareness of food safety theory and good hygiene practice in soft drinks, fruit juice and bottled water factories and provides a basis for further training (7 hours' tuition of groups of no more than 15 employees, which can be conducted over several sessions).


To refresh and test employees' knowledge and understanding of the main principles of effective food safety/hygiene through self-study, supported with guidance and assessment by a nominated trainer or coach.  This is also available as a company branded e-learning solution.


On successful completion of Level 1 and Level 2, it is recommended that participants are assessed by a multiple choice question examination (Level 1 – 15 questions; Level 2 – 30 questions) for which a verbal option is available. Successful candidates will be awarded BSDA Certificate in Food Safety for Soft Drinks at Level 1 and BSDA Certificate in Food Safety for Soft Drinks at Level 2.

Course Support Materials

Comprehensive course support materials are available.

For further information contact Fiona Palmer