Strathmore brand lays on unique Scottish rugby competition

As part of the sponsorship of Scottish Rugby, AG Barr's Strathmore brand recently offered amateur rugby clubs across Scotland a once in a lifetime opportunity to win an exclusive training session with Scotland’s international rugby stars.

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Industry Initiatives

Coca-Cola ParkLives

Coca-Cola Zero ParkLives is a partnership between Coca-Cola Great Britain and local authorities to deliver a dedicated programme of fun, free activities in the heart of local communities – the parks.

The programme is part of a £20m investment made by Coca-Cola Great Britain, designed to get one million people moving.

All the Coca-Cola Zero ParkLives activities are designed to get people physically active, but in a fun way that suits their lifestyle. The emphasis is on activity, rather than sports, and is for people of all ages and fitness levels. In a real example of public-private collaboration, Coca-Cola Great Britain has worked closely with each local authority to put on the kinds of activities that most appeal to people in their local area, from Zumba to tai chi to hula-hooping and table tennis.

Coca-Cola GB and local councils are working with the national physical activity expert, ukactive, to rigorously measure the impact of Coca-Cola Zero ParkLives and ensure it delivers the right results for each city.

More information about the programme is available at