Membership Categories

BSDA has three main categories of membership: Ordinary, Factor and Associate membership. Ordinary membership has two sub-categories: Manufacturer and Franchisor membership.

Ordinary - Manufacturer

Applies to manufacturers of branded or own-label soft drinks. Subscription fees are based on annual turnover.

Ordinary - Franchisor

Applies to companies whose products are bottled under licence in the UK. Subscription fees for this class of membership are available on request.


Applies to companies who produce goods abroad and import into the United Kingdom for example, natural mineral water companies importing their products for sale into the UK. Such companies must have a UK office to qualify for this category of membership.  Subscription fees are based on annual turnover.

At the discretion of BSDA’s Executive Council, those eligible for Factor Membership may be eligible for Ordinary membership.


Applies to companies engaged in the supply of machinery, materials or services to the soft drinks industry; for example, packaging, ingredients, machinery, water treatment, engineering and training.

In addition, BSDA’s Executive Council recognises individuals' outstanding service to the soft drinks industry by the granting of Honorary Membership.