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Press releases

10 December 2019

BSDA urges Scottish Government to abide by DRS advice

Members of the Scottish Parliament's environment, climate change and land reform committee have released a report packed with recommendations for the Scottish Government and its proposed deposit return scheme.

In response, British Soft Drinks Association Director-General Gavin Partington, said:

“We urge the Scottish Government to heed the environment committee’s advice to follow a more realistic timetable for delivery of a deposit return scheme. Extending the timeframe and giving more powers and flexibility to an industry-led scheme administrator will help ensure the system stands a better chance of success.”



It is our belief that the best schemes internationally are run by industry, with a not-for-profit management company targeting ambitious return rates.

The inclusion of glass in the scheme will raise costs and introduce a complexity which creates unnecessary risk to the successful launch of a DRS in Scotland.

International best practice suggests that the deposit level should be determined by the management company on the basis of what is needed to drive returns.

Our analysis shows that a GB-wide scheme has the best chance of increasing recycling rates and reducing litter, as well as reducing the risk of fraud.

The cans and plastic bottles used by British soft drinks manufacturers are 100% recyclable.

A well-designed DRS will increase the quantity and quality of material collected for recycling, supporting its reuse as new packaging.

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