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Press releases

03 April 2019

BSDA-backed litter campaign triumphs

Following a British Soft Drinks Association-backed campaign, the Scottish Government has vowed to clamp down on roadside litter. 

New legislation will see vehicle owners being held accountable for littering, with number plate recognition technology set to fortify the campaign.

The Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB) charity has been pushing for this change since it started the Roadside Litter Campaign with BSDA and others three years ago.

BSDA director-general Gavin Partington, said: “Reducing litter is fundamentally a question of changing behaviour, and it is up to all of us to take action. That is why we were keen to offer our full support to the Roadside Litter Campaign. We are delighted that the Scottish Government has introduced legislation with the impetus to drive real change, and hope to see other administrations follow suit.”

With 91% of Scottish adults claiming roadside litter creates a negative impression of Scotland, the campaign fought to tackle the behaviour which ruins the view for both visitors and domestic road users.

Monitoring by KSB found that litter affects 83% of Scotland’s main roads and iconic routes. In addition, during 2018, 54% of Scottish adults said that they saw someone throw litter from a vehicle and not pick it up.

BSDA members, including Coca-Cola, AG Barr, Lucozade Ribena Suntory, Red Bull and Britvic Soft Drinks, worked in partnership with KSB and Transport Scotland, Zero Waste Scotland, VisitScotland, road operating companies and local authorities to support and promote the campaign.

KSB chief executive Derek Robertson, said: “This is a really fantastic breakthrough and one that shows that partnerships can work on littering issues. The overwhelming view of people living in Scotland is that roadside litter creates a negative impression of our country, and the message for drivers from our Roadside Litter Campaign is that littering from vehicles is unacceptable in Scotland. The solution is simple: Give your litter a lift, take it home."

The BSDA supports the introduction of a GB-wide full DRS for all plastic and can beverage containers as our assessment suggests this is the best way to increase recycling levels and tackle litter.