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Press releases

11 April 2017

Soft drinks industry welcomes National Litter Strategy

Gavin Partington, BSDA Director General, said:

“We welcome the Government’s National Litter Strategy.

"As an industry we want to work with the Government to deliver it, which is why we are currently reviewing what steps the industry can take with others to reduce littering and increase recycling. 

"Everybody agrees that littering is unacceptable and we recognise more needs to be done to tackle it. All plastic bottles are 100% recyclable but clearly behaviour needs to change. 

"The actions outlined in the litter strategy show that the government thinks so too - littering is an anti-social behaviour and should be treated as such.

"As an industry we have always played an active role in encouraging people not to litter but we can always do more.

"We wish to work with campaigners and Government to take the strategy forward.”