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Press releases

29 January 2020

BSDA challenges study's marketing and caffeine claims on energy drinks

new study has questioned the dangers of excessive energy drink consumption, and also called into question the "powerful marketing" by energy drink brands.

In response, British Soft Drinks Association Director General Gavin Partington said: “The European Food Safety Authority confirms the safety of energy drinks and their ingredients and, therefore, does not provide any scientific justification to treat energy drinks any differently to the main contributors to daily caffeine intake including tea, coffee and chocolate. It is worth remembering that coffees from popular high-street chains contain the same or more caffeine than most energy drinks.

“Energy drinks are legally required to declare ‘High Caffeine Content. Not recommended for children or pregnant or breast-feeding women’ followed by the exact caffeine content expressed in mg per 100ml on the label. The BSDA Code of Practice on energy drinks was introduced by and for our members in 2010 and contains a number of points on responsible marketing.”