Press releases

16 April 2021

Energy drinks legally required to declare 'High Caffeine Content'

A new BMJ Case Report looking at a case of "severe biventricular heart failure potentially related to excessive energy drink consumption in a 21-year-old man" has received widespread media coverage.

As the study authors themselves note, the consumption levels in this case were “excessive”. Energy drinks and their ingredients have been deemed safe by regulatory authorities around the world. They are legally required to declare “High Caffeine Content. Not recommended for children or pregnant or breast-feeding women” followed by the exact caffeine content expressed in mg per 100ml on the label. We remain committed to supporting the responsible sale of energy drinks.

Furthermore, BSDA members do not market or promote energy drinks to under 16s, nor do they sample products with this age group. In addition, energy drinks carry an advisory note stating ‘Not recommended for children.’ This is all in line with the BSDA’s long-standing Code of Practice.