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Press releases

14 May 2020

Juice study findings built on flimsy foundations

study of more than 100,00 women claims to have found that drinking one or more sugar-sweetened fruit drinks a day increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 42%.

In response, a British Fruit Juice Association spokesperson said: "This observational study, whose relevant subjects were more likely to be smokers, obese and less likely to eat healthy foods, does not provide evidence of cause, as the authors readily admit. The way its findings are presented is misleading. 

"At a time where all age groups in the UK are falling short on their 5 A Day consumption of fruit and vegetables, warning against consuming a small 150ml portion of pure fruit juice – which counts as one of your 5 A Day and contains no added sugar – risks people foregoing the vitamin and phytonutrient benefits of fruit juice. Our research shows adults and teenagers who drink pure fruit juice are about twice as likely to reach their recommended minimum of 5 A Day, than non-drinkers."