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  1. All bookings are provisional until confirmed in writing to the BSDA (usually by the submission of a completed booking form). Any payments should be free of all bank charges and commission, either by payment in £ sterling drawn on a London bank or by direct payment to our bank: 

    Royal Bank of Scotland, 127-128 High Holborn, London WC1V 6PQ.
    Account No:  10057381
    Branch No:    16-00-53

  2. Provisional bookings will be held for 14 days if they are placed more than 6 weeks prior to a course or event. Bookings placed 6 weeks or less before the course/event will have to be confirmed in writing within 4 days unless alternative arrangements have been agreed in writing with the BSDA.

  3. The BSDA reserves the right to charge cancellation fees as follows:
    More than 4 weeks notice:            25%
    2 - 4 weeks notice:                        50%
    7 - 14 days notice:                         75%
    Less than 7 days notice:               100%

  4. BSDA will accept substitutions where the original applicant is unable to attend the course/event. No administrative charges will be made for such substitutions. Substitutions will be accepted up to the commencement of the course/event.

  5. Special dietary requirements must be confirmed 14 days before the course/event.

  6. BSDA is unable to accept any liability for death or personal injury or any consequential loss and/or damage to or loss of property during a course/event.

  7. Under UK Excise Regulations, delegates from all countries are required to pay VAT on any course taking place in the UK.