Still & Juice Drinks

Still and Juice Drinks held a 6.5% share of the UK soft drinks market in 2020. They include juice drinks containing 1% to 99% juice, still flavoured waters, iced teas and non-fruit drinks.

Consumer desire for healthy alternatives has meant that the consumption of still and juice drinks has greatly increased in recent years. The latest growth in this category has been in flavoured waters.

Other new products have emerged including ‘superfruit’ juice drinks, enriched waters, and dairy and soy juice blends, all of which meet the consumer demand for nutritious refreshment with the benefits of added functionality.

Nectars are a specific segment of juice drinks that are controlled by legislation. The fruit juice content is dependent on the type of fruit. Citrus nectars must contain 50% juice, while blackcurrant and others have to contain around 25% because the juices are not palatable to consume in higher volumes.

UK Still & Juice Drinks 2020

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