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Throwback Boombox at V Festival

Britvic, V Festival  

Festivals are particularly renowned for generating rubbish, with an estimated one million plastic bottles used at Glastonbury every year. Meanwhile, a review carried out by Julie’s Bicycle showed that V Festival South produced 314 tonnes of waste in 2016 and had a recycling rate of just 29 per cent.

Tackling the litter bug phenomenon head on, Britvic wanted to show festival goers how easy ‘going green’ could be. By focusing on fun, iD enabled Britvic to deliver a lasting message at V Festival through an innovative recycling solution.

The ‘Throwback Boombox’ featured an interactive sound system that mimicked a retro looking stereo. Festival goers were encouraged to recycle their bottles by throwing them towards the speakers. Every time the target was hit, the Boombox played throwback hits from the nineties and noughties – a selection of songs chosen specifically for the V Festival audience.

Over 2500 bottles, cans and cups were recycled at the activity - supported by an enthusiastic team of Britvic employee volunteers who also collected thousands more throughout the festival, spreading the recycling message.

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