Water efficiency

Water is an essential part of the manufacture of soft drinks and is used throughout the production process and the whole supply chain. We aim to encourage efficient and responsible use of this resource. 


  • RM water efficiencyProvide a platform to promote water efficiency initiatives/activities already in place, to share best practice and encourage more businesses to adopt water use efficiency measures
  • Reduce waste water volumes (ie water not contained in the product) by contributing to a food and drink industry target to reduce water use by 20% by 2020 compared to 2007. 

 We want to raise awareness of the vast amount of information and initiatives already out there that can help companies reduce their water use.  We hope the list below provides you with enough information to be able to use water more efficiently throughout the soft drinks supply chain:

Water stewardship cover

We want this to be a live document, so if you are aware of any further initiatives or information sources that you think would be appropriate, please let us know.

Case study:

Water efficiency and water stewardship