When the weather heats up, we often relax into summertime drinking with family and friends.

Whilst there’s nothing like sipping a cold drink or a refreshingly fruity cocktail on a sunny day, many British summertime classics like Pimm’s, cans of iced tea and bottles of cloudy lemonade contain as much as eleven teaspoons of sugar in a glass and can easily pack in most of your daily free sugars allowance in one hit.

For Summer 2021, the BSDA has teamed up with registered dietitian and Sweeteners and Sweetness Advisory Panel member Helen Bond to look at how low- and no-calorie sweeteners (LNCS) are a simple solution to help cut down on added sugars in our favourite food and drinks, and explore how they can support in cutting calories and looking after our weight, all without having to miss out on any of the fun in the sun.

Helen says: “Small changes to summertime drinks can make a big difference to your pre-holiday waistline and overall health. The use of low- or no-calorie sweeteners within cocktails and mocktails, or sugar-free mixers such as slimline tonic water in a G&T are great alternatives to help cut down on free sugars, without compromising on taste.”

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